Examine The Labels We Use

Have you ever gotten labeled something that you aren't? Has someone said you are lazy? Selfish? Rude? A jerk? Whatever the label is you just can't understand why it was applied to you. Have you ever given up and just accepted a label, that maybe you aren't as good as you think you are?

Why do we let labels define us? Things get mislabeled all of the time, it doesn't change what it actually is. If you go to the hardware store and the label said it was a hammer but the item was actually a screwdriver it doesn't make the screwdriver wrong, the label is wrong. We treat inanimate objects better than we treat others and ourselves. Too often we apply a label and let that define a person.

We label generations and try to define millions of people by a basic set of qualities. I hate the label millennial and the way it is used to define a concept of a generation of people that are lazy and selfish. I know plenty of people at any age that work hard and energize me and I know plenty of people that are Gen X or Boomers that are lazy and unmotivated. Here is a crazy idea, maybe people are just unique individuals with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses, just as God created them to be. People are more than just a label.

We limit humanity every time we label another person, every time we accept a label someone gives us and every time we label ourselves. There is a freedom in not placing labels and not accepting labels, it opens us up to a whole new world of possibilities.


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