First Step To Winning Is Believing That You Can

My latest read is Tribal Leadership and two words jumped out at me reading it, entrenched mediocrity. It was worth reading the book for those two words alone. Two words that speak volumes about many issues in our teams, organizations and ourselves. It is so easy to start believing something about yourself because it has always been the case. This is the same concept when a team in any sport starts to lose and they continue to lose. Just like good teams find ways to win, bad teams find a way to lose. More often than not it isn't about talent, coaching or scheme, it is about the mindset of the team.

Do you believe you are great and can accomplish great things? Or do you think that this is just the way things are? Do you believe that there are forces at work against you that will never allow you to rise above where you are at?

If you think you can't win because of whatever reason, you won't. Instead think about how you can win in spite of it. People have overcome a lot harder things to accomplish greatness than whatever you are facing. The difference is that those people always believe that they are winners and are determined to win anyway. Do you believe great things can happen to you or have you just accepted that mediocrity is your ceiling?


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