Where Learning Something New Leads You

I look at my kids as they continue to learn new things and I am inspired. Reluctantly they dig into new subjects each year in school and willingly they learn new skills in dance. My 5 year old started taking gymnastics this summer and it has been fun watching her learn new skills and get better upon each visit to the gym. We get older and we often forget how to start something new, not knowing anything and learning for the first time. The thought of starting from square one, no knowledge or experience, can be frightening. But few of us are naturals that can pick up something brand new and take to it like a prodigy. It is okay to start out awful, you should be terrible because you've never done it before.

I remember when I joined choir in high school, I can't remember what we were singing but I remember trying to match pitch and my classmate next to me was kind enough to point up or down to help me when I was off key. While I still have the memory I forget how far I came. Improving enough that I was fortunate to have an opportunity to perform a few numbers in musical theater in life. My college choir was also the conduit through which I met my wife. I'm glad I took the leap, who knows where I might be today if I hadn't. We are creatures of habit, and we do the things we have always done because that is what we know. We may be happy today, but maybe there is something out there that will bring us greater joy. You are capable of anything, it might start out a little messy, but it could be the thing that you look back on and realize changed your life.


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