What Do You Give To The Relationships That Are Important To You?

Today is my anniversary. I like the fact that my anniversary falls so close to Father's Day every year, I get to celebrate the four most important people in my life. It is also a good reminder for me every year about relationships. Relationships take work. Marriages only work if both people put effort into making it work. As a parent you need to work to understand your children and build a relationship with them. The more kids you have the more effort as well because each child is unique in their needs and personality. Good friendships require being there for the other person, supporting them when they need it.

Work can be the same as you have relationships with your coworkers and if you are a manager the people that report to you. Each of those people that you interact with have unique personalities, different hopes and dreams for their career and a complete range of situations they are going through in their personal life that impacts them at work. Each of those relationships takes some level of effort.

I believe that the most important thing to give to any relationship that is important to you is to serve. When you serve others you are sacrificing what you want and what is desirable for you to give the other person what they want or need. Think about the people, the relationships that are important to you, how do you serve them? Take the time today to impact the lives of the people that are important to you.

To my wife and kids, I hope that I have shown you a good example of what it means to love and serve those that are closest to you in life.


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