Leadership And Delegation

As a leader, to be successful you need to learn how to delegate, it is impossible to do everything yourself. You need to have a good team that you have trained, that you trust to execute to the level needed. For many leaders one of the hardest things to learn is how to delegate. You need to give people responsibility, allowing them to make mistakes so they grow without the mistakes damaging your organization. Walking that line of trusting and seeing things get done without critical mistakes happening is really hard for some. For others, it comes far too easy. They can delegate all day long, they are good at assigning tasks and convincing someone else that they are the best person for the job. It is a slippery slope though because if you delegate everything away, ultimately people begin asking what it is you do. Delegation is letting others lead a task but being their to support them so they are successful, not dumping your work on them. If you are the CEO and everyone takes care of things so well you are able to take a vacation 10 times a year and rarely show your face in the office you are doing more damage to your organization than you realize. More effective is the CEO that can step in and help out on any task that is needed.

While you should be surrounding yourself with people that are better than you at performing certain tasks, that doesn't release you from needing to at least understand the task. You need to know your business and the work that your team does. Your team needs to see you get your hands dirty from time to time to be able to understand things from their perspective and show that everyone on the team is important and we should all be willing to step up and do what is necessary to get the job done. Are you a leader that expects people to take care of your needs or are you a servant leader that tries to support whatever your employees need to be successful?


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