Ownership, Accountability And Responsibility, Oh My!

Ownership, accountability and responsibility. I'm not going to attempt to break down the differences in these words and what they actually mean. When you hear those three words it is easy to get a picture in your mind the concept I'm talking about. 

You are either the type of person that wants more of it or the person that avoids it. As a manager we want to find and promote the people that exhibit it. 

The problem is how hard it is to find and evaluate. Anyone can tell you stories in an interview of their responsibilities, how they took ownership of something or how they were accountable in a situation. I see so many people that get into a situation though and they begin to shrink from accountability, responsibility and ownership. 

It might be hard to interview a person to determine those qualities, but it becomes very easy to judge someone on them. Just as I didn't have to define the words for you to know what they meant, people will evaluate you and will know who you are. They will know if you are responsible, if you take ownership and if you are accountable. They might not be able to explain it, but it will be there, and you will take on the persona as others see and talk about you. So the choice is yours on what comes next, I just hope it is clear that we need you to step up.

Responsibility, Accountability and Ownership


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