Comparing The View Of The Value Of Time

We all know time is precious and it is the only resource we can't make more of. Yet we continue to waste it and continue to forget how precious our time is.

In any activity there is the task, or what we want to get done. Around it are additional factors that determine the outcome of the task. There is quality, the tools we have, the money invested and the time it takes to get the task done. 

Over the summer I built a retaining wall. It was one of the most time intensive projects I've ever done. It required more time to have a finished product I could be proud of. Taking the time to do it right ensured I won't have headaches later on of things shifting and becoming uneven. That would cause it to look terrible and possibly require me to redo it which would not be fun.

I could have spent less time on it but it wouldn't have turned out as nice. I could have spent more money on it and hired a professional to build it for me. 

In any project people will sacrifice something based on what is important to them, quality, time or money. Organizations will sacrifice something in the same way based on what is important to the values and culture of the organization. It is important in the organizations you are a part to make sure your values are aligned. If speed is important to the organization and for you quality is important, you need to understand there will be a conflict for you almost every day. The choice is to put aside your values for the organization, work to change the organizations values, or find an organization that better fits what is important to you.

Time shows us what really matters


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