What Excites You?

I was thinking about the word excited recently and how things can seem unexciting and routine lately. We have our routines, get done the things we need to, but is any of it exciting? Probably not. So what does excite you? What gives you energy? What motivates you? What do you look forward to?

If we don't have something that is exciting, if we are just going through the motions in our same boring routine, aren't we just wasting our lives?

Fear plays a part because the things that excite us are usually the things that require the most courage. The best example of this is when I met my wife. I realized this was a person I wanted to know more, to date and eventually ask to marry me. Of course it was exciting, and definitely scary. Your heart starts racing, palms get sweaty, wondering how she feels. Scared to put yourself out there for fear of being rejected, wanting to do it anyway because there is just something about her. 

Too often we listed to the fear, and we rein ourselves in. Stopping ourselves from going after something that really excites us. It could be like when I met my wife, but it could also be trying out for a team, applying for a job, starting something new, speaking out for something you believe in.

Chase after the exciting things in life.

If it excites and scares you, try it


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