New School Year, New Challenges, New Opportunities To Adapt

School is starting up for us in Minnesota finally. It is a strange feeling because it is all so new. It has been 6 months since my kids have been in a classroom. Of course it feels strange. Plus the model now looks very different than the survive to the end of the school year we faced in the spring. Teachers have even told us as much.

Add into it the complexities of our three kids, in three different buildings, following three completely different models. One is doing a rotation of 2 days in school 4 days at home. Another is doing half of her days in school and half at home. My youngest is going every day but it is a shortened day. They all have contingency plans if there is an outbreak or a mandate to switch to all distance learning. Add in new protocols for cleaning, eating lunch in your classroom, and teachers rotating not the students. 

My kids are going to have a number of things to adjust to this year, it will be strange and hard at first, but I have no doubt they will do just fine. Kids are amazing in their ability to adapt to changes. For the most part they accept changes and react based on how we react to all of these changes. I have no doubt that kids will have no problem wearing a mask after they get accustomed to it.

Change is inevitable. Climate, circumstances and variables change and we have to adapt. Our kids will be able to adapt and change as needed. They will find a way to not only survive but thrive in this new world. We can learn a lot from the next generation.



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