Merry Christmas - Yes, I Said It

This post was first published on Christmas Eve. Can we even call it that anymore? We live in a world where we are all striving for political correctness. We either don't want to offend or are told we must not offend. Christmas has become the time of year where we take the notion of not offending anyone to an extreme. Society seems to believe we can no longer say Merry Christmas for fear of upsetting non-Christians. We simplify it as generically as possible to "The Holidays".

I understand that not everyone believes in Jesus Christ, but even if you don't believe, it doesn't change what the day is, Christmas. We haven't renamed December 25th as Consumerists Day to celebrate the massive amount of retail spending that we do, though maybe we should considering what we focus on. It is called Christmas. Even if you don't believe chances are you work for a company that is closed on Christmas Day.

My hope is never to offend anyone, but I'm also not going to hide my beliefs. If someone wants to be offended they will find a way, no matter how delicately I try to avoid it. I'm also not going to try to convert everyone that doesn't believe, I highly doubt there are many people in the world that became Christians because one year someone told them Merry Christmas.

I still choose to say Merry Christmas for two reasons. One is because I truly want people to have a fantastic Christmas, no matter what they happen to do on that day. Second is because it is a reminder to myself that I can find a way to be a part of society, I can co-exist without bending to the will of society.


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