Getting Fired, Overlooked And Ultimately Getting Your Dream Job

If you are a fan of college football, you have to like seeing the story playing out at LSU this year, especially for their head coach, Ed Orgeron. Orgeron got into coaching as soon as his college playing days were over and after 20 years as an assistant got the opportunity to be the head coach of Ole Miss in 2005. Things didn't go well and he was fired after just 3 seasons. Back to being an assistant he worked his way back up as a top assistant and in 2013 was named interim head coach at USC after their head coach was fired during the season. At the end of his interim season he thought he would get a second chance to be a head coach, but it didn't work out that way. After being passed over for the head coaching position he resigned and took a year off. In 2015 he was once again an assistant with LSU. Little did he know that one year later, part way through the 2016 season he was back in a familiar position, his head coach fired and acting as the interim head coach. This time things worked out and at the end of the season he had the interim tag removed. Three seasons later he finds himself leading the top ranked team playing for a national championship.

Was this the plan that Orgeron wanted? Absolutely not. He suffered disappointments, being fired, passed over for a job he probably deserved. But there was a better plan for him. He needed all of those experiences to learn how to be a better head coach. He might never have had the opportunity to play for a national championship had one of those other jobs worked out differently. Being born and raised in Louisiana his dream job was to be the head coach of LSU. 

Too often we get hung up on what we don't have, worry about the things we can't control. Life is too short, with too many bumps in the road to get hung up on things outside of our control. Do the best that you can with what is in front of you. There is a plan and a path for you if you believe in it.


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