A Cord Of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken

If you've ever studied how lions hunt you will see a pretty simple pattern in their hunting style. Their goal is to separate one of the slowest and the weakest from the rest of the herd. A lion facing a herd of water buffalo will easily be killed. But if he can scare the herd into thinking about self preservation, they will scatter and the slow and weak members of the herd will be left behind.

While it may seem like we aren't in a survival mode like in the wild, we do face the same tactic. Bullies at any level try to separate and take people on one-on-one. If you are the biggest kid in the class you can probably beat up anyone if they are by themselves. But it is highly doubtful you will see someone take out multiple people at once. When the herd unites and turns to face the lion, the lion will back down.

The divide and conquer strategy is one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet we continue to fall for it. We should always be aware. There are extremely serious situations like walking to your car at night, alone is a dangerous risk, but walking with a group of friends you keep yourself and your friends safe. There are also less serious situations at work or at school where you feel like someone is getting picked on, or taken advantage of. When that happens we need to be united. There is strength in numbers. You may not be able to kill the lion on your own, but if you stand united you can protect the herd.


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