Shopping Online With All The Endless Choices

I am in the hunt for a new desk. Ever since I started working from home I've realized how much I miss my sit/stand desk that I have used for the last five years. I just work better when I can move around a bit, not to mention it is better for you. If you weren't aware just Google, "dangers of sitting all day" and you will have your eyes opened quickly.

During my shopping process I was reminded of a book I read a number of years ago, The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. It is a book that has stuck with me over the years and the concepts keep coming up, especially in times when I'm hunting for a new desk and there are hundreds of choices. There are so many choices that I don't want to buy any of them. In his book Schwartz talked about how when people are presented with more options they are actually less likely to buy. I can attest to that reality. The problem is there are so many choices, and their are tons of reviews, some good, some bad. One person says it is wobbly when it gets too high, another says it is really sturdy. I know people post fake reviews. (Seriously, who has that kind of time?) I know companies pay people for positive reviews. Now I have a lot of information to sift through for all of these choices.

Usually at this point I try to write some sort of advice to myself to get me through this, but I've got nothing. I'm still stuck wondering just how wobbly different models are and where I might find different reviews that will give me another perspective. Because there are so many choices I will now be another week with my current desk, reminiscing of the glory days when I could stand to work. One thing I do know is that once I make a decision I can't regret and continue to wonder if there is something better out there, I made my choice and have to move on.

The only thing I've got for you is if you find yourself frustrated by the paralysis you feel when choices overwhelm you I would suggest checking out Schwartz's book. At least you can learn something and now you realize you are also not alone.


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