Injuries And Life's Trials

Recently a friend of my daughter sustained a knee injury ending her soccer season and putting her dance season at risk as well. The most crushing part in this, it is her third injury in the last 4 years. It just breaks my heart to see someone go through those kind of hardships at such a young age. She is such a good, kind and positive person. The last person who deserves to go through something like this.

Unfortunately she is not alone in going through hardships. I've lost jobs and have endured my children dealing with medical issues. Countless people face battles and challenges that make others respond, "I don't know how you do it."

I wish I had some great pearls of wisdom to share with her, but I don't. To encourage her that this is the hardest thing she will have to deal with in her life, but there are no guarantees. The only thing I do know is there is an opportunity to learn something in every situation, good or bad. Sometimes we don't know the lesson until after we are through the hardship, but the lessons are there.

The Bible starts off a section with instructions for readers when facing trials saying, "when you go through trials". Notice it says when, not if you go through trials. It is inevitable that you will face trials in your life. How you respond to the trials you face can encourage others going through their own struggles. How you respond can build your endurance so you are equipped to face the next trial. How you respond can keep your hope up when things seem darkest.

Unfortunately bad things will happen in life. Fortunately we have complete control over how we respond. How my daughters friend responded in the past tells me that she is going to get through this just fine, and come out of it even stronger than she already is.


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