You Need More Than One Teacher To Be Great

Diversification is the key to any kind of success in my opinion. When you look at anyone that you find to be successful there is more than one teacher involved. I think that is known in how our education system is primarily setup, the way high school and college is structured you will have multiple teachers providing lessons at the end of which you have a degree. I look at a coach like Scott Frost, an up and coming college football coach that has been influenced by multiple Super Bowl winning coaches. He took ideas from everyone he crossed paths with and formed them into his own style.

To be great you should want to hear from lots of different voices. As a leader the best thing that you can do is to encourage others to get feedback and insight from other people not just yourself. Too often leaders feel the need to be the smartest person in the room, but the greatest leaders know to surround themselves with the smartest people they can. They are humble enough to recognize that no matter how good they are, there is always someone better and you may as well have them on your team rather than the other side.

One of the greatest examples of diversity is the Bible. Part of the reason it is so revered is that it was written by over 35 people over a 1500 year time span. That diversity with the history and instructions lend itself to validating the other parts.

The lesson for all of us is we can't be set on just one teacher, one mentor, one coach, one author or one manger. There needs to be diversity in the words we hear. Part of what makes up a great choir is having a range of voices or a great orchestra the variety of instruments, blending together to make beautiful music. The lesson for leaders, make sure your team gets instruction and training from someone other than you.


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