Recognizing And Embracing The Amount Of Influence You Have

In being a manager, I've always said I have a lot less control than people think I do. Many people think that being in charge you get to just tell everyone what to do and you control everything that happens. That couldn't be further from the truth. Everyone that reports directly too me has many choices in what they do, even choosing to be employed by me. While I don't have control, what I do have is influence. Some managers use their influence to try to exert control, but people eventually will choose to not be influenced by a bad manager. They can differentiate between someone that uses their influence rightly and those that don't. You can imagine which type of person is more motivating to work for and do your best every day.

This is why it is so important to understand what it means to be a leader. We need to ensure that our minds are focused every day, understanding the level of influence we do posses and to wield it properly when we walk in the door. Whether it is in the workplace, the ball field, the classroom, the studio, the auditorium or any other area where you directly lead. How we use our influence directly impacts what we are able to get out of the people we lead. If it becomes about you, trying to impress them with how good you are or how smart you are, then you are the problem.

The greatest thing that you can do with your influence as a leader is to see the value in other people and add to it. The number one role you have as a leader is to bring out in greater supply the awesomeness that is inside each person. If it is about you there is no way you can effectively do that.


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