Spinning Plates And Finishing The Dishes

I have no doubt that I have some level of ADD. I can easily find myself distracted with the latest shiniest problem at work. It gets to the point of having so many plates spinning that they start wobbling or I forget about one and it comes crashing down. For any particular project there is value, and a number of people really like the idea, they are excited about the prospect of getting the changes I brought up implemented. But when there are too many things to keep track of and nothing gets completed what is the point? All of the great ideas in the world don't mean anything if they don't get implemented.

At some point we need to move beyond seeing how many plates we can spin and figure out how we can get more of those plates cleaned and put away. We are always going to have multiple projects going on. We are also always going to have the next project that is going to get dropped on us tomorrow and the next idea we come up with to make things better. If we don't put away some of the dishes we have eventually they are going to fall and crash. Maybe it is a cheap plate nobody cares about, but it could just as likely be the fine china. Being able to keep an idea or project moving forward until it is actually finished is key.


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