Read A Book - Share A Book

At work the other day I was talking to a contact with one of our customers, she was talking about going through a transition to their new software platform and the challenges they are facing with it. I said that it is understandable, any change of that magnitude is going to be a challenge in an organization their size. I then recommended William Bridges Managing Transitions, which is the best book I've ever read about effectively managing change. Any time I have to be involved in a change I will get that book out and do a refresher.

After that conversation I felt happy that I was able to recommend a book that hopefully helps her out in some small way. It was a reminder to me of part of why I enjoy reading, sharing what I learn with others. If you've ever read a book that you really enjoyed you can't help but talk about it with your friends, I'm the same way. It is a great feeling to be able to recommend a book to someone and for them to thank you for the recommendation after reading it themselves.

Maybe that is why I also like collecting books, as much as it annoys my wife, to have them on my shelf so I'm able to scan and get ideas for a question I'm being posed by someone. To be able to recommend a book you have to understand the person you are talking to, what they like and what they might enjoy or find useful. Like so many things in life it comes back to the relationships you can build with others. Books and sharing what we learn is just another way.

Click here for a fun short video from Michael McIntyre on the topic of books.


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