Just Give Me A Minute To Think

It is funny how some topics keep coming up in multiple situations with different people, obviously God is trying to send us a message. For me lately it has been the idea of taking some time to think, I've been hit with multiple times in the last week. We live such crazy hectic lives and everyone's jobs are constantly trying to squeeze every last ounce of productivity from them. Everyone is always tasked with finding ways to be more efficient. The downside of this is that when you are so pressed for time you tend to always do what you've always done. Is it any wonder that in so many of our workplaces so many individuals are frustrated because nothing ever changes?

In highly innovative companies like 3M they build in time for thinking and ideation, but for most that is frowned upon as wasted time. Everyone wants to get to the action items, what are we doing, what are the specific questions that need answers. Are we spending time trying to figure out what questions we didn't realize we aren't asking? Talking about why certain policies or numbers are important to us and if everyone actually agrees? There are hierarchies in organizations and some times you just need to follow orders to get things done. But sometimes the leaders in an organization need to give their people time to think and make sure that the strategies and directions they are moving day-to-day still make sense. Brainstorming and talking through outrageous scenarios is becoming a lost art, something I think we need to get more people back in the mindset of. Allow yourself time to let your mind wander and imagine all of the possibilities, you may be surprised at what you come up with when you give yourself just a moment to think.


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