Be The Person You Want Everyone To See

One of the greatest adventures we go on in this life is to discover who we are. Understanding what we are good at, what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, what makes us mad and what we have talents for. When you begin to understand yourself you have more confidence. The dangerous side of confidence is believing more in yourself than others do. At that point you begin justifying or defending yourself. If you have to tell people what you are good at, constantly reminding them of how valuable you are or how important you are, it never comes across as confidence, it just seems desperate.

Lots of people are in a position where they feel underappreciated, criticized, under valued or basically unloved. If you find that you are often defending yourself to others, it may be hard to face but there is probably truth in what you are defensive about. If you are told you aren't a good team player but you think you are, you won't get anywhere by arguing. You need to seek out why those perceptions are there, what behaviors of yours lead people to feel that way. You have to ask for the feedback and use your actions to change peoples perceptions. If you want to change what people think you will only do that by changing yourself into a better and truer version of yourself. Be the person you want them to see.


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