What Are You Going To Choose?

Many people go through life feeling like everything has been decided for them. They don't have a lot of control of what happens to them each day. They have a boss that tells them what they are going to do each day. They have a teacher tell them what they are going to learn next. They have a coach tell them where they are going to play. But we are not slaves to our situation. We have a choice to make every day.

I was reminded of this by a great tweet I read by @CoachHinesCHS
Toughness is a choice
Hard work is a choice
Character is a choice
Humility is a choice
Loyalty is a choice
Just about 99% of life, is a choice!
You might not love your job, but maybe God has you there for a reason, to build the qualities in you that you will need to get he job you want. Choose to be great in the job you have.

You might not like the subject you are studying in school, but remember that you are there to learn how to learn. Life is going to give you challenges where you have to learn about a subject you don't love. Most steps in education are just about preparing you for the next step. The last step is what gets you the career you want.

You might not like the position or the roll you play on the team, or even what team you are on. This is your opportunity to learn what your strengths are and how you can best serve your teammates to help the team be successful.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, but we get to make the choice how we respond to that situation. You aren't stuck. Life's not unfair or out to get you. In any situation you are in, you are meant to learn a lesson, sometimes the sooner we stop fighting where we are at, accept it and learn what we need to the sooner we can move on. The attitude you choose and so many other choices will determine what comes next. So what is your choice?


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