Oh The Number Of Lives We Impact!

In my last post I talked about culture and about how we treat people, that it is important because our jobs are usually not about life and death. I've used that actual statement in my work before telling people that at the end of the day nobody dies, nobody's life is completely turned upside down by the work we do.

Most of us work in jobs that lives are not dependent on us. Unfortunately that often leads to some people thinking their work doesn't matter. Just punch a clock and earn your paycheck. What is the point of giving any extra effort? The problem is that even if it isn't a matter of life and death, lives are most certainly impacted by the work you do.

Everyone has a customer - someone that pays you money. For the organization I work for it is about printed materials, without them their business can't tell their story, stand out from their competition and help their customers. They don't get sales they could lose their jobs.

Everyone has employees, even if you are a freelancer or a company of one - if you don't get the sales coming in, things working well, the business deteriorates, people lose their jobs.

When people lose their jobs, families lose income, have to sell cars, move to find work taking kids away from friends. People are impacted.

I don't care what your job is, no matter how meaningless you may think it is, you are a craftsman and vital to all of the people that you work with and every customer that does business with your organization. Take a moment and count up those people, I'm willing to bet you are surprised by the number. Now go and impact those people like only you can do.


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