Don't Let Hate Win

I am appalled and remorseful of what has become of our country. The things that have transpired the past few months and the conversation around them: Charlottesville, Las Vegas, and the protests of the treatment of fellow citizens of this country, just to name a few. Think of your social media feed and the comments section on the articles you read about it. Never ending arguments of I'm right, they are wrong, here is a post to like that says you agree with me. Everyone is building a wall, every post is a brick that makes it higher and thicker, keep your enemies out and separate from those that think like you. It breaks my heart that we are a country building walls because we are so divided and so outspoken about our hatred of those that have a different opinion.

I don't know where I found it but an article by Zoe Zorka about our culture of hate perfectly captures what I'm thinking. It is so easy today to spread hate, and social media makes it easier than ever. It isn't hard to create an anonymous account and share what you are really thinking without any fear of consequences. So we continue spreading hate, it is so easy. Building our walls, tearing our country apart, waiting for the other side to "get it" so we all get on the same page.
One of the hardest things in the world for me is, to not respond, but I'm getting better at it. Not everything deserves a response.  - Joshua Medcalf (link)
Let's start changing the narrative by not engaging is some of the hateful conversations going on. Change the conversation so it feels like walls are coming down. Brick by brick.


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