Find Your Path And Stay The Course

There are times when it is a good thing to change, the old ways just don't work anymore. Too often though we are quick to change without an idea of where we want to go. We try to copy others that we think are successful, if it worked for them it should work for me. Waffling from one thing to another.
  1. The football coach that can't decide if they are going to be a run first or pass heavy offense.
  2. The manager that changes between the charismatic "I want to be your friend" and the task driven "this is the job we need to get done."
  3. The basketball coach switching between the fast break, high scoring team and the half court, defensive minded team.
  4. The teacher that sometimes runs their classroom as very structured and other times opens it up and lets the kids learn what they want to.
All of these people are basically saying they don't know who they are. You are never going to succeed if you try to copy others and keep changing things. 

Who are you? You need to identify what it is you are good at and passionate about. Define your core values and review how you naturally behave. Pick one thing and get really good at it. The jack of all trades, master of none model isn't something many successful people follow.

How do you identify when you are straying away from who you are? Develop measurements and checkpoints to determine if you are holding true to who you are or if you are starting to drift.

If there was a single proven model for success everyone would know about it. But as you know there have been lots of different styles and paths of those that find success. If you really examine each they are as unique as snowflakes. From a distance it kind of seems the same, but under a microscope each one is unique and different.

Be you, nobody is better at it than you.


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