Love Is Greater Than Fear

I'm not sure why I'm on a fear kick lately. I've noticed that I've written a number of times recently about fear and how it consumes us (here, here and here). It is natural for humans to be afraid of things. I always thought it was okay to have a certain level of fear, like the kind of fear that makes me want to do a good job at work so I can stay employed and provide for my family. But it isn't fear that compels me, it is the love for my family that wants to provide for them. I think Jon Gordon said it best in his book The Carpenter:
"If you build your life and company with fear, it won't be worth building. In the end you'll look back and realize you didn't enjoy any of it. It will never be what it could have been and you'll likely burn out before you finish. And even if you do finish, anything built with fear will eventually crumble. ... Remember, fear is draining. Love is sustaining. Fear is short term. Love is long term. Fear appears strong, but is weak. Love appears weak, but is strong. Love is the way."
When I think about why I have thought so much about fear lately, it is to remind myself to not be afraid. There is plenty that happens in life that can make us very afraid. My oldest daughter is about to turn 14, we are fast approaching the time of driving, boys (yes I know we are already there, let me live in my delusion) and her having to make more of her own decisions in her life. There is fear certainly, but it starts with love. I want to protect her from every pain that will come her way and prevent every bad choice that she may make, but I can't do that. I think that is how our Father in heaven looks at us. What looks like fear is just an immeasurable love that we can never fathom. Being a father is the greatest gift I've ever received, and I was lucky to have got three of them. My only hope is that they will never doubt how much I love them.


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