Building Trust During Transitions - Oops

Today is one month since I moved into my new role. I told myself that for the first 30 days I was not going to offer any big thoughts or changes, I needed time to learn the business and the team. My goal was for this new team that I am a part of to learn about me, hopefully trust me and know that my priority is helping each person that I have the privileged to lead be successful and help the company we serve achieve the results they need. So, how did I do you ask? Not bad, but there were some things I certainly could have done better. One specific instance sticks out to me because this person was very upset by what they felt I was suggesting. Probably the only way to really summarize it is they felt like I didn't think they were doing their job.

I apologized of course but that night I was still thinking about it, not even 30 days in and creating that feeling. The next day I pulled the person aside and said again that I apologize for making them feel the way I did as it certainly wasn't my intention. I also thanked them for telling me how they felt because without that I might have never known and taken the time to speak further about it.

Only time will tell if I repaired the damage that I unknowingly did. All I wish for is that there is a spark of trust that has now been built. I know that I will make mistakes again in the future, if I do I hope this conversation has laid the right foundation.


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