Your expectations are lower than they should be

One of my favorite scenes from any movie is from Facing The Giants. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it as a great story to watch with your whole family. It revolves around a team that didn't win as much as the parents and administration would gave liked. With their backs against the wall the coach and the team had to find out how to be successful in who they are. They couldn't change the fact other teams were bigger or faster or whatever, they could only control what they put into everything they did.

In the pivotal scene the coach called out the boy who was the leader of the team that wasn't reaching his full potential. He placed limits on himself, setting goals that seemed good enough but were far less than what he was capable of. This not only limited himself but it limited his team as well. When the coach  removed the distractions from his vision and forced him to push past what he thought was all that he could give, a transformation took place. Suddenly the whole team was able to see that everything they thought was possible was minuscule compared with what they could actually achieve.

Far too often in our lives this holds true for us. There are limits we all have in our life that are imaginary. If we were to push past what we think is possible, the heights that we would be able to reach will make our current expectations seem ridiculous.

Aim higher, you are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes and watch the clip here,I guarantee you will be inspired. If you are interested in buying it you can find it on Amazon.


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