The greater the goal the greater the obstacles

If you are like me, you probably set some goals in your life, things that get you excited. For me writing has been a goal of mine for some time, something I start, then things happen and I loose a step. I set a goal for myself recently of writing something twice a week, and it started well enough and then it hits me, I come down with some sort of stomach bug that has me less than 100% for a couple of weeks now. Without even realizing it a week and a half goes by and I haven't written anything.

Another goal that I'm not doing what I set out to accomplish. Getting sick is one of those things that just happens in life, and it is a small bump in the road that I can quickly recover from and get back on track. You learn the lessons that you are meant to learn and move on. For me I realized I need to find a way to work ahead more, plan around those unforeseen events that could keep me from my goal. What I've come to realize is that the bigger the goal the bigger the obstacles that get put in your way. One of the biggest goals in your life I believe is your destiny, that core purpose that God created you to fulfill on this earth. I guarantee you that you will have obstacles in living your destiny.


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