The team that you most want to be a part of

We've all seen those championship caliber teams, whether in sports or business, they seem to have an unfair advantage and can succeed at a level others only dream about. What is it that they have that others don't? I believe they start at the beginning and their first step is what makes them champions. When a team is united in a common goal in what they want to achieve the success naturally follows. That doesn't mean you start out and declare your goal is to be the champs or the top sales team, every team has those same goals. You have to decide you want to be better than what you've already accomplished, first as individuals then united as a team.

But what actually happens, we fall far short of being our best team because not everyone is interested in being their best selves. There is the one that doesn't give their best effort at practice, or sometimes doesn't show up at all. The one that takes a longer lunch break because nobody notices. The one that brings others on the team down to make them feel better about themselves. The one that simply doesn't care and just wants to collect a paycheck. Or the coach/manager/leader that cares about succeeding for their own benefit. I am amazed at the destructive power that one individual on a team can have when they aren't giving their best and their teammates see it.

The championship team? Everyone is doing everything they can to make the team successful. No matter what role they play, how good they are or what others are saying about them. They have a drive, a passion to ensure they are doing the work so they don't let their team down. Their goals are about executing at their highest level and continuing to work at getting better. They lift each other up and step in to help out in any way the team needs to be their best. They have a desire to be the best version of themselves they can be and then the success follows naturally. If you ever find yourself on a team like that, don't let go, it is rare and amazing. That is the team that you most want to be a part of.


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