Keys to communicating better when communicating better is key

The subject of communication has come up a lot recently in our house. As my wife and I have been trying to help our kids understand how to communicate better it has reminded me how important it is in every area of my life. Some of the points we brought up with our kids:

  1. The words we use are only 7% of communication, the rest is body language and tone. What we say is as important as how we say it.
  2. If words are only 7%, you have to take extra time in communicating in an email, tweet, post, text or chat. People will read in tone and can easily change what you intended to say.
  3. Once our words are out, you can't take them back.
  4. It doesn't matter what your intentions are, it is how the other person feels about what you are saying that matters.
  5. The words that don't come out are as important as the words that do. The meditations of our heart impact what we say and how we act.
  6. Our words have power - power to build someone up or drag someone down. Never underestimate the influence you have in someones life.
  7. The words we tell our self are as important as the words we tell others.

I have always considered myself to be a good communicator, and have received pretty good feedback over the years, yet I know I fall down often in communicating with my wife, with my kids, at work and at church. As good of feedback as I have received for my skills as a communicator, I have always felt I could improve. I need to refer back to this list frequently in order to have the greatest impact in my life.


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