Expectations - Who is responsible when they aren't met?

It is always hard when someone doesn't meet your expectations. You feel disappointed, annoyed, and angry, along with some other emotions I'm sure. It is always easy to blame the person that is falling short but I am finding as good a job as I think I'm doing communicating what my expectations are I probably wasn't as clear as I thought. When someone isn't meeting your expectations, here is a quick process to go through to have a better result the next time.

  1. Don't make them guess. If there is something you want but you never tell them, you can't expect them to just know. Did you actually say what your expectations are?
  2. Before you talk to them, make sure you know what it is you want for sure. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  3. Ask the person why they aren't doing what you expect. Maybe there are some valid reasons that you haven't considered that is making it more difficult. Giving them a chance to express their view is important also, everyone needs to feel like their opinions matter.
  4. Reset the expectations. Make sure you are clear in explaining what is most important.
  5. Ask them to confirm what they've heard. Part of what I like to do is ask them if they feel what I'm expecting is fair. If they say yes and they understand now it is on them. 
  6. Follow up - check back frequently at the beginning to make sure what you are expecting is being met until it becomes more of a routine.


  1. Interesting thoughts. I think if people would look inward to find solutions these days, they might find them quicker. We are all so quick to judge and cast blame to others, we never think, hmm....I might be part of the problem, therefore being part of the solution. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They really get a person thinking.


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