How do you define success?

You will never be successful if your method is to tear others down. Only worry about being the best you you can be.

You will never be successful if you don't have a work ethic. Desire without effort is just a dream.

You will never be successful if you think you are better than your teammates. Nobody ever did it all by their self, intentionally letting down your team is the ultimate selfish act.

You will never be successful if you think your coach/teacher/boss doesn't know anything. Be humble enough to know there is always something you can do better.

Being successful doesn't mean being the best, what do you want your life to be?

If you don't like how things are going, your place, your spot, the attention you get, etc. Start by looking in a mirror, chances are that is where the problem is, but even if it isn't I guarantee you that what you will find is the only thing you can actually control.


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