Unity In A Group Can Determine Your Level Of Success

Do you ever wonder what would happen if our society today was faced with a situation like World War 2? Would people of this time be known as the Greatest Generation part 2?

Do you ever wonder what our world would look like if large segments of the population at the time decided to not take the smallpox vaccine or the polio vaccine? 

I have felt a downward shift in our society's unity over our lifetimes. Part of me felt like a crisis of the scale of COVID-19 might be a spark our society needed to unite us, bring us closer together. Then I read articles about the numbers of people not planning on getting vaccinated and the impact it could have to actually eradicate the disease. The longer it lingers the more it will mutate into other strains. There is a reason we see influenza come back every year, because a new set of strains run through our society. 

Most people don't get their flu shot every year, and it is perfectly within a persons rights to deny getting vaccinated for COVID-19. I get there is a lot we don't know about the disease still, which is really what concerns me. We don't know what the long term implications of this disease. There are cases of long term residual brain, heart and lung damage. There are cases of long COVID where people are still having lingering side effects over a year later. Having a child with a heart defect it concerns me what the impact might be for her. Even if she reacts like she just had a cold, what long term damage might there be?

How we as a society react to this disease is going to have implications for many years. Any group, team, organization or business can learn from it in seeing how a unity of vision and a cohesiveness of the members of the team can impact the outcomes of the organization. One of my my core philosophies is a team of united individuals has a far greater chance of success than a disconnected group of all-stars. You can see examples of that everywhere you look. It is funny how some groups continue to not realize that if you give up a little of your self for the good of the team, the entire group will get farther than they would have if they only look out for themselves.

Greatest Generation over Richest Generation


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