Controlling Variables To Prevent A Perfect Storm

I realized I use the term perfect storm a lot. I think of it when a complex set of variables all come true to create a low probability outcome. If any one variable had been different the outcome doesn't happen. The intended definition of perfect storm is a rare set of conditions happening. If it is supposed to be rare, I'm the unluckiest guy in the world based on the number of self proclaimed "perfect storms" I've been in.

So maybe they aren't all perfect storms, but they are negative situations. Situations that arise because of a number of factors lining up to create the situation. Looking back on those times it is easy to look at it and say, "If only one of those factors had been different we wouldn't be in this predicament."

Perfect storms hit us in all kinds of ways in our life. It doesn't have to be this monumental or impossible task to be able to track all of the variables to see the warning signs there is danger ahead. We say we only need one variable to be different to prevent a problem, so stop trying to identify all of the variables and focus on the few key ones. 

Control all the variables you can, don't worry about the rest


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