Overcome The Obstacles In Your Mind

Your biggest obstacle to overcome is in your mind

We all face obstacles, every day. Part of why I look for things that inspire me is because it gets too easy to focus on the things blocking our path rather than the things making us believe we can get over the obstacles. No persons obstacles look the same, but we can learn something by watching others and how they handle their obstacles. Even when they don't look like ours it could give us ideas on how to overcome them. Part of why I like studying a broad array of subjects is because there are always lessons to find and apply elsewhere.

I've done that a lot with dance. Having three daughters who dance tends to dictate the amount of time you spend talking about and watching dance. You learn stories and then you see things that jump out at you, like this clip of a young dancer.

Watch the clip again and think about whatever the problems are you are facing. I've said before how the main person holding us back is usually ourselves. The obstacle you think is in front of you is mostly in your mind. There are real outside obstacles, but once you believe you can overcome it you have a real chance at actually finding a way.


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