Today Is Unique, Special and Beautiful

Today is trash/recycling day and I'm oddly excited about it. Partly because we've been doing some cleaning and finding things we just need to get rid of, which fills up the trash can pretty quickly, so it needs to be emptied. The other reason, I have been looking for ways to be excited and thankful for the little things that make each day unique. 

When we are in a time like this where the days start running together I find it important to look for little things to break up each day and have something to make each day unique. I know I'm not alone in this based on the number of times I talk with others and somewhere in the conversation eventually the question is raised, "Wait, what day is it today?"

If all we talk about is how it feels like the movie Groundhog Day then that is what we see. If we talk about the uniqueness of each day and the joy of it being trash day each day becomes unique and special. 

When we consider that most people will have 25,000-30,000 days in their life, shouldn't we treat them all as unique and special?


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