You Are Who You Associate With

Who you are as a person is primarily a product of the people you choose to associate with. If you spend most of your time with high character people, they are going to have a positive affect on you. Just like in the reverse when you choose people of questionable character it can lead you down the wrong path. We've all known people who have made bad choices and we say, "They just fell in with the wrong crowd."

I'm sure there is some parenting guide somewhere that says we are supposed to let our kids make their own mistakes, and we can't tell them who they should be friends with. I obviously have never read it because I have no problem sharing my opinion with them. I've never had to tell them they have to stop being friends with someone, but we talk and I openly share with them who I think are good friends and who I'm okay with them not spending time with because I don't think they are a very nice person.

Can we do that with ourselves or with our friends? Can we be honest about who is a good person to be around and who isn't? How about reaching out to someone that could use a positive influence in their life and do what we can to fill that void? It also works in reverse. If who you are as a person is a product of the people you associate with, you also have an impact on the people that associate with you.

Surround yourself with good people and be a positive influence to those around you.


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