Don't Be Afraid To Work Yourself Out Of Your Job

One of my key philosophies in my career has always been to look at working myself out of my job. This quote though takes that idea to a whole new level:
I'm going on the road and I'm trying to replace you. Your job is to teach the new guys how to take your job and know they can't do it." - Erik Chinander
I know that sports is different than a typical workplace but I love this. If you are operating out of a scared mindset that you need to protect your job, and keep everyone below you, what often happens is you end up making yourself look weaker and you certainly make your team weaker.

If you want a winning team, help make sure everyone is working to be better than you and that you are working to be better than everyone else. I have always looked at it myself that there is enough change new opportunities are going to come up, new challenges will arise that I might be interested in. If I'm so buried trying to hold onto what I have it will be harder to let go of it when I want to. That is why it is important to always keep learning and always be willing to share everything that you know. Keep working hard, show people how to take your job but also show them that nobody is going to outwork you for it. When you leave it is going to be your choice and you are going to leave your team in a better position than where it is at today. Plus your team is going to do some pretty great things together until then.


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