What A Successful Day Looks Like

I was recently asked what some recent or great accomplishments are in my career and I had a hard time with it. I think I partly play down any accomplishment as it doesn't really seem that great and I know that there is very little that I accomplish on my own so it is hard to think of it as just my accomplishment. As I reflected on that answer I thought about one of my life mantras of being Better Than Yesterday. I felt like one of my greatest accomplishment at work is in simply showing up every day and wanting to be better than the day before.

There are days where work is hard, as well as days where parenting is hard or life is hard. It can be exhausting as you feel like Sisyphus pushing a rock up hill every day. We want things to get better but we want it to happen fast. We want the big home run win. The revolutionary idea that changes things overnight.

The problem is, almost all overnight successes have years of grinding and dedication leading up to the overnight success. It is in the grind of daily discipline, determination and effort that you find success.

Success or accomplishment to me simply means if every day I can honestly look back on what I did and if I find that I solved one problem, added value to one conversation, learned something new and communicated information that made someone’s job easier – then it was a successful day. It isn't in the major things, it is the seemingly insignificant little day-by-day things that when you add them up and look back you can see how far you've truly come.


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