Can I Ask You Some Questions About Questions?

Have you ever been frustrated by people asking you questions? When you feel like you've answered that same question a hundred times before?

Have you ever gotten annoyed by your kids asking you the same questions over and over again? It gets to the point you just want to yell, "Because I said so!"

Questions are something that get a bad wrap. We think we aren't supposed to ask a question because we may look foolish. We believe that we shouldn't question authority. We get annoyed by the classmate or co-worker that asks too many questions, trying not to roll our eyes from our unbelief that they still don't get it.

Questions are powerful. If you are looking for answers it starts with the question. If you want a simple answer, ask a simple question. If you want really great answers you have to be able to ask really great questions.

I've been thinking about questions quite a bit lately. Partly because I've been bombarded with different nuggets that have crossed my path about the importance of asking good questions. The other part is that I've been realizing myself that I can make a more positive impact by asking good questions to get everyone around me thinking rather than just getting up on my soap box and expounding on my own thoughts and ideas. 

Based on this knowledge, I have two questions for you:
  1. If you aren't getting the answers you need, how can you change the questions to get better answers?
  2. If you feel like you get asked the same questions a lot, what do you need to change in your answers, training and communication so people actually understand the subject at hand?
Ask more questions. Accept more questions from others. Embrace the power of questions.


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