Stop Bashing And Start Promoting

Dave Adamson (@aussiedave) had a tweet recently that really resonated with me:
Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. (Link)
When I first read it I immediately thought about social media and how so many people speak so harshly and critically of the things they don't agree with. I think there isn't good healthy debate in today's society, I think this is part of the root of this issue because we think debate is destroy your opponent, not about winning people to your side. I look at our political system and it feels like each side spends far more time saying why the opposition is wrong rather than outlining a solution to actually fix things.

Think about your workplace also. How often do you hear people complain about a new policy, explaining all the ways that something isn't going to work or playing the "I told you so" game? How often do you hear people bring ideas to the table? Unfortunately I'm guessing it is far more often than you would hope.

We need to stop bashing the things we don't agree with and promote what we do agree with. You probably aren't going to get many people to your side if your only argument is people that disagree with you are stupid. If you can't actually explain why your idea/solution/stance is the right one then maybe you need to question what you believe rather than bash what others believe.


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