Thoughts On The Annual Review

As a manager it is the time of year that I get to go through the process of writing and completing performance reviews on those that I get the privileged to lead. I see far too many managers go through this process with dread and annoyance. If your attitude towards doing performance reviews sounds like that I think it is a reflection of you as a manager and you might want to consider why you are in a management position in the first place. As a manager of people you are entrusted with the development and support of the people that report to you. It is your job to do everything you can to help make them successful and achieve their goals. Their annual performance review is the time to do that. Make sure you set aside time and treat it as the most important task you have done all year, because it probably is.

If you are an employee that feels you are subjected to the annual review process, you need to realize that you aren't helping the process. As a manager, it is so much easier and enjoyable to go through it with someone that is invested and a willing participant in their review. Take the time with your self review or during the review discussion itself to make sure that your questions, your goals and your long term aspirations you are building to are understood. If you have a good manager they want to help you achieve your goals, that is a lot harder if they don't know what they are. Nobody is as invested in your development as you should be. If you don't care, don't be surprised if nobody else does either.


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