The Time You Give To Other People

To me it is the ultimate sign of respect. I believe that you can learn a lot about what people think of you based on the time they give you. Take some time and reflect on the time you give people you work with and are friends with.

  1. Do you show up late to their meetings?
  2. Do you cut off conversations?
  3. Do you decline a meeting at the last minute because something better came up?
  4. Do you have lunch with only certain people? 
  5. Do you look around and generally not pay attention when others are talking? (Checking your email while they are talking is not paying attention. I don't care how good at multi-tasking you think you are.)
  6. Are you unable to recap what a person is explaining and figure out how it is relevant to you?
Of course everyone has their own responsibilities and their own task list which are the most important items to them. But at work it is rare to be able to get anything done without help from others. When someone asks you a question or is looking for feedback they are dealing with something really important on their list. It may not be in the top 50 for you, but people remember. It will pay off the next time you need help with your number one. 

Every resource in the world you can get more of, increase, multiply - everything that is except for time. When you give your time to others, it is the greatest gift you can give.


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