Make Your Communication CUTE

Every day communication trips me up at work. People not understanding instructions because they weren't clear. Projects not getting done right because the requirements weren't detailed enough. Not getting responses to questions that are asked. These are all things that I control. Beyond that I'm also responsible for other team members, so I have to coach and help them without resorting to statements like, "Do as I say not as I do." There is always room to get better at communication.

I know I've written on the subject before, different days provide new insights to me. What I've come up with today is that communication needs to be CUTE:

  • Comprehensive - complete, every point is covered. Often you hear it is important to be concise. I agree, when fewer words are sufficient to get the point across. But you should never favor being concise if it isn't a complete picture.
  • Understandable - don't use a bunch of jargon, if it is confusing them you are not communicating.
  • Timely - information is shared at a convenient or appropriate time.
  • Explicit - something is stated clearly, there is no room for misinterpretation.


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