Be A Soldier, Athlete and Farmer

I recently read a short passage that got me thinking about the roles that we all need to play to a degree if we want to be successful.

  1. Soldier - I've never served so I can't begin to understand what people go through that do. What I have seen there are certain truths for almost everyone that does serve.
    1. They endure a lot - The life of a soldier isn't glamorous, sometimes sleeping on a cot is considered a great night. They fight through the hardships to accomplish the mission.
    2. Develop comradery- The men and women that serve together have a bond. They endure and fight alongside each other to have a bond that is unbreakable.
    3. Ability to fight - They don't back down when it comes time to fight.
  2. Athlete - If you want to win the game it starts with practice. It doesn't matter how good you are, or what your natural abilities are, you need to continue to practice and get better. You also have to play by the rules if you want to win.
  3. Farmer - When there is a job to be done, farmers will do the work. There is no 8 to 5 job for them, they continue to put forth the effort needed until the task is done. 
If things aren't going the way you want them to with your job or career have you done the things you need to? Have you prepared and trained in order to be successful? Have you put in the time and effort to get the job done? Have you been willing to fight for what you want? 

The words that inspired this come from 2 Timothy 2:3-6.


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