Does My Social Media Presence Add Value?

Jon Gordon shared in a recent tweet the following statement:
Your social media platform is a blessing. Use it to add value instead of devalue.
This got me thinking about my own use of social media, is the stuff I'm putting out there adding value? I hope so, but then I started thinking about what I see on my timelines and honestly how much has no value. During the last presidential election I think we can all safely say we waded through a lot of junk to find anything of value. Still today though I see a number of posts that if I took the time to look at the replies or comments you would see two sides vehemently trying to prove their point, with really no chance of swaying the other sides opinion because less face it, being open minded is a rare quality these days.

The level of hurt that comes from social media doesn't stop there. If you think about the posts that are out there, especially for the younger generations, they share everything. They post who they are out with, what they did last night, what they are planning tonight, what they had for lunch and how they feel about everything. I'm curious to see how many are hurt by different posts. The people that thought they were friends but didn't get invited to the little get together last night that is being plastered all over the Internet. As the father of younger kids, it is a very interesting dynamic because I can't say, "I remember when I was your age." because most of these sites on the Internet didn't even exist 10 years ago, let alone when I was a kid.

I think I have to do some more research on parenting kids in a digital age. If anyone knows of some good resources on the subject please leave a comment. I'm also going to start emphasizing the use of social media to add value. If your post doesn't add value to those reading it, don't post it. If your post is just going to start an argument, don't post it. I wish social media was simply a way to connect with people when we can't connect with face-to-face or on the phone, but sadly that isn't always how it works for all generations. I think more than anything through this post I've learned that I'm a lot older than I thought I was.


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