Trying To Open The Door The Devil Keeps Slamming Shut

Open doors have been on my mind a lot this year. It started at church when our theme for 2017 is "Year of Open Doors". One of the things I put down for a declaration for 2017 was that God would open doors for me in my work. I have a good job but I still felt like it was not where I was meant to be. I had a picture in my head of where I thought things should go, what the right path was for me. But it felt like every time I thought there was an open door that I should head towards, the door was closed to me. When we find a door closed that we want to go through we often react in a way we shouldn't. We get mad, we ask why the world is against us. It seems like it is the right thing but the devil is trying to stop us. We try to attack the door, kick it in, storm it like a SWAT team. This is the door I'm meant to go through, it has to open!

Maybe we need to stop and ask if we really need to be persistent in achieving our goal or do we need to realize that the door is being kept shut for a reason. When the opportunity is never presenting itself that we are hoping for is it because "the world is against me" or is it because God is trying to find a way to lead us to an even better path, one that actually helps us achieve what we desire in life?

I had to realize that I couldn't blame my job or my co-workers for my happiness, I had to live out my purpose wherever I was. A good book I read on this topic recently is Jon Gordon's The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work. I will admit when I first read it I got mad because I didn't want to be happy where I was, I thought there was a calling to something more in line with where my life was meant to be. But by trying to live it out (and yes some days take more effort than others) I found myself being more satisfied.

Then, in His perfect timing, a door opened up to me. I was informed about a job that on my own I wouldn't have even noticed. Because it wasn't what I felt fit my picture of the door I should be walking through, I asked for a sign that told me if it was the right move for me. Of course I didn't get one, I got multiple. One thing led to another and I will be starting my new position in July.

If you are in a situation that you feel isn't the right one for you, but you feel stuck, be encouraged. There is a lesson for you to learn where you are at. Once you have learned the things that you are supposed to then a new door will open, and it will be the right one for you.


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