The Origin Of Pyrentos - The Fire Within

A few years ago I went through an exercise to start a company, nothing too exciting, just needed an entity that if I did any independent work I would have an actual organization to send an invoice from. It was also a good learning experience, it is actually a fairly simple and inexpensive process to open a sole proprietorship. The hardest part was picking a name for my company. I've had the opportunity to be involved in naming new products before so I was aware how hard it was going to be. The challenge comes in making sure the name you select isn't taken already. You brainstorm names that try to resonate with your customers and what you want you business to stand for, then you start looking them up only to find that someone else beat you to it.

Thanks to some experience looking at Greek in some of my Bible studies I got the idea that maybe I could find some Greek words that fit the essence of what I wanted a business of mine to stand for. I looked at Greek words that I liked and reviewing what phrases in English fit what I wanted to share. What I eventually came up with was Pyrentos Consulting, pyrentos is a made up word that is a combination of two Greek words, pyr which means fire, and entos which means within. For me it moved from a word that helps me name a company to a word that has become a foundation for my life. The name of this site is The Fire Within and my word for the year 2017 is fire. I believe that everyone has a fire within them, a desire for something more, something better in their lives. That is why I write, I have found that I need to continually fuel the fire within me, so I write things that I need to hear. If I am lucky enough to have others read my words I hope that it ignites or fuels the fire that is within them.

If you are interested in reading more about my thoughts in this area the About Me page on this site goes into a few more details.


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