Overcoming Our Selfish Human Nature

I truly believe human beings are incredibly selfish creatures at our core. There is something inside all of us that causes us to want to take care of ourselves first. There is probably something in our core as a mammal which makes us prone to a base flight or fight mentality. Of course we aren't surviving in the wild or being hunted, but it is still in our nature. You see it when we compare ourselves to others, it is that same base instinct coming out. 

For most people, when they recognize they are being selfish the want to ensure they are not viewed that way. Doing the little things like saying please and thank you, acknowledging to others when we fall down, and helping others out counter balances our selfish impulses.

Two things come into play, causing us to show our selfish nature. One of course is the fact that we are selfish at our core, it is a base characteristic we have. The other is understanding when we are under pressure our base habits and traits come out. Pressure can come in all shapes and sizes, but one affecting so many of us is the amount of time we have. Once we have deadlines, long task lists and things we are forgetting, the pressure increases and suddenly we get short with people, unwilling to help them out.

Recognizing it when it is happening to us helps us to react in the right way to others, being more courteous than normal. Recognizing it when it is happening to others helps to make sure we are reaching out to them and offering help when they need it most. One of the best ways to ensure you aren't acting selfish is by doing something unselfish.

Human Beings are both selfish and unselfish


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