The World Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It is easy in life to take the safe route, to do the thing that you are comfortable with. There is risk in trying new things, because when we are new at something we are usually not very good at it. If you decide to take up golf because it looks fun but you've never played in your life, you are not going to be Tiger Woods when you tee off the first time. 

Great things can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. There are great people to meet and interesting places to visit outside of your neighborhood. You might find a new hobby or a new job is more fun or more interesting than anything you had done before. It might be more work or effort than you've done before because you can't just slip back into your normal routines, allowing your muscle memory to just get you through the day. It might be more exhausting because it takes more energy. However the easy route, the safe route is rarely the most scenic. Don't let your comfort and fear of the unknown prevent you from finding the beauty in the world.


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